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Transportation at a glance

Wisconsin's transportation infrastructure has come a long way over the last century. It has developed from a system of two-lane roads and highways, grass landing strips, wooden piers and locomotives, to a network of multi-lane divided highways, airports, modern water ports, efficient transit systems and rail lines linking the state with markets throughout the world.

Transportation touches the lives of nearly everyone every day. Whether traveling to work, school, or to a favorite vacation spot, Wisconsin's transportation network provides the means to get there.

Travel by the numbers - Highways and roads

  • 11,800 miles of state and Interstate highways
  • 103,000 miles of county highways, town and municipal streets
  • 13,700 local and state bridges
  • 114 lightly traveled rural roads designated as part of the Rustic Road System
  • 59 billion vehicle miles of travel (VMT) on Wisconsin roads each year
  • More than 4 million licensed drivers and nearly 5.5 million registered vehicles

Transit systems

  • 81 public bus and shared-ride taxi systems
  • Over 130 specialized transit services


  • 131 public use airports; 8 commercial airports
  • About 6,000 active registered aircraft
  • About 5.5 million people boarding commercial flights in Wisconsin each year
  • About 105 million pounds of cargo shipped by air each year


  • 13 freight railroads operating in Wisconsin
  • 162 million tons of cargo shipped on freight railroads each year
  • Approximately 3,300 miles of track
  • Two Amtrak passenger train routes; the Hiawatha Service between Milwaukee and Chicago carries more than 820,000 passengers each year


  • 29 commercial ports
  • More than 30 million tons of cargo handled by ports each year

Bicycle and pedestrian facilities

  • 9 percent of all Wisconsin trips are made by walking or bicycling

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