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Mobility: January 2015

Performance measure How we measure it Current report period Goal Goal met Trend Comments
Mobility: Delivering transportation choices that result in efficient trips and no unexpected delays.
Delay (hours of vehicle delay)
Seasonal quarter
Fall 2014
Number of hours spent in interstate traffic below posted speed 1,942,430 hrs. Reduced hours of delay   Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction Vehicle delay increased compared to fall quarter of 2014. Over 75 percent of the hours of delay during fall 2014 period were experienced by drivers on four corridors (a lower number is better).
Reliability (planning time index)
Seasonal quarter
Fall 2014
Index based on extreme travel time in a period 1.14 More on-time arrival   Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction The number of corridors with reliable travel time decreased compared to last season quarter. Drivers in the Milwaukee urban corridor experience the least reliable travel times (a lower number is better).
Transit availability
Calendar year 2014
Percent of population served by transit 54.0 75.0   Trend is holding Economic factors affecting this measure include rate of inflation in relation to funding.
Bicycling conditions on rural highways
Calendar year 2014
Percent of rural highway miles with favorable bicycling conditions State hwys: 67.2; County roads: 90.4 100 percent on roads where bicycles are permitted   Trend is holding While percentage increases are very small, conditions rated as favorable increased by 28 miles on state roads and 73 miles on county roads.
Incident response
Calendar year 2014
Average time to clear full closures on the interstate 4 hrs. 30 min. 4 hours   Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction Three significant incidents lasting over seven hours each pushed the 2014 average clearance time to 4 hours and 30 minutes (a lower number is better).
Winter response
State fiscal year 2014
Percent to bare-wet within a specific time period after a storm 59 for 18-hr. roads; 66 for 24-hr. roads 70.0 within specified time   Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction The winter severity index was extremely high. Numerous storms and long periods of cold temperatures made salt much less effective.

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