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Full reciprocity

Upcoming simplification to IRP!

Beginning in 2015, cab-cards will show all jurisdictions! No more "add state or province." No more "over 100 percent fees" for added jurisdictions. If you have IRP, no more trip permits. This is true IRP-wide. All states and provinces will be implementing this. This has been referred to as Full Reciprocity or the Full Reciprocity Plan, and was adopted by IRP by ballot in October 2013.

How this will work

The effective date for your fleet depends on your fleet’s IRP expiration date.

For registration periods beginning January 1, 2015, or later, the new rules apply.

For example, registrations expiring December 2014 (or later) that are renewing for operation in 2015, your cab-card will show all IRP states and Canadian provinces. You’ll no longer need to select jurisdictions in which you intend to operate. Your IRP fees will be calculated based on your July-June "reporting period" distances. If you are a new carrier without a reporting period history, you’ll pay fees based on the Wisconsin estimated distance table.

You’ll be able to operate in any IRP jurisdiction without the trouble and expense of adding a jurisdiction, nor of buying a trip permit. For each IRP renewal, fees will be charged based on the fleet’s "reporting period" distance.

For renewals of registrations expiring November 2014 or earlier – thus with a new expiration date November 2015 or earlier – the old rules will continue to apply through the expiration date in 2015. Cab-cards will only display those jurisdictions specifically requested by the carrier.

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