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Unified carrier registration (UCR)

The Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Plan and Agreement are part of a federally-mandated, state-administered program that went into effect September 10, 2007. Under this program, states collect fees from motor carriers, motor private carriers, freight forwarders, brokers and leasing companies, based on the number of qualifying commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in their fleets. The revenues generated are used for enforcement of motor carrier safety programs.

We encourage you to file your UCR registration at www.ucr.in.gov, the official website for UCR filing. This site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will automatically default to a mobile version allowing you to register and pay by smartphone or tablet.

Use of a website other than www.ucr.in.gov to file UCR may incur charges above and beyond the UCR fees.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Unit mails out UCR registration forms each year to all interstate motor carriers, motor private carriers, freight forwarders, brokers and leasing companies.

UCR filings may be mailed to us at P.O. Box 7955, Madison WI 53707-7955 or 4802 Sheboygan Ave. Room 151, Madison WI 53705.

New UCR requirements for recordkeeping

In an August 2014 decision by the UCR board modifying the UCR agreement, carriers are required to "maintain records adequate to substantiate the information reported by the registrant on its application. A registrant must maintain a list of all its vehicles and those subtracted from its UCR count as set forth on UCR forms 1 and 2 or in some other form."  [UCR Agreement, Section 10 (9)

The new forms 1 and 2 as well as instructions can be found at www.ucr.in.gov.

In addition states are now required to audit a percentage of carriers annually. Forms 1 and 2 will not be required unless you are notified that you have been selected for an audit.

Who needs to file

UCR applies to businesses that:

  • operate a truck, truck tractor, or bus in interstate or international commerce, or
  • make arrangements for the transportation of cargo and goods

Companies operating solely as brokers, freight forwarders or leasing companies are required to register and pay a fee of $76. Companies providing motor carrier services in addition to broker, freight forwarder or leasing services are required to pay the fee level set at the motor carrier level shown in the table below.

Motor carriers operating only as private motor carriers of passengers are not required to register and pay fees under UCR.

Which vehicles

For the fee table below, count only commercial motor vehicles that are power units, and that operate in interstate or international commerce.

  1. Commercial motor vehicles: A "commercial motor vehicle" is a self-propelled vehicle used on the highways in commerce principally to transport passengers or cargo, if the vehicle:
    • has a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of 10,001 pounds or more, whichever is greater; or
    • is designed to transport 10 or more passengers (including the driver); or
    • is used in transporting hazardous materials in a quantity requiring placarding.
  2. Power units only: Count only power units trucks, truck tractors and buses. Do not count trailers.
  3. Interstate or international vehicles only: Count only vehicles operated interstate or internationally. Exclude intrastate vehicles from your count.

Fee table

  1. Broker, freight forwarder or leasing company not operating as a motor carrier: $76 total
  2. Motor carriers; and a broker, freight forwarder or leasing company also operating as a motor carrier see table:

Fleet size   Fee per company
From To  
0 2 $76
3 5 $227
6 20 $452
21 100 $1,576
101 1,000 $7,511
1,001 or more $73,346

Example: A motor carrier operating four tractors and nine straight trucks interstate or internationally has a fleet size of 13 commercial motor vehicles and pays $452.

Note: Motor carriers operating only as private motor carriers of passengers are not required to register and pay fees under UCR.


Pay your fees for Wisconsin through the website maintained by the State of Indiana, www.ucr.in.gov. You may make online payment using MasterCard, Visa or eCheck.

If you do not register before January 1, 2015, you may be cited by law enforcement. Important notice: If you operated in 2013 or 2014 and did not register for UCR, you must pay 2013, 2014 and 2015 UCR fees to avoid possible enforcement actions.

Registration by agents

Agents may contact you to perform UCR registration on your behalf. Note that agents may charge you a substantial service fee. WisDOT does not call and ask you for your credit card number.

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For further information, please visit the UCR national website. You may also contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation at (608) 266-9900.

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