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Economic development - Corridors 2030 highway network

Originally developed as Corridors 2020 in 1988 as part of the Wisconsin State Highway Plan 2020, the Corridors 2030 network has been updated and serves as a framework linking employment and population centers. One objective of Corridors 2030 is to multi-lane the highways on the backbone corridors by the year 2030. Since conception in 1988, about 900 new centerline highway miles have been built toward Corridors 2030 objectives, illustrating the link between planning and construction. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation continues to utilize the Corridors 2030 system as a prioritization tool for future investments.

Role of Corridors 2030 in economic development

Corridors 2030 encourages regional and statewide economic development through the provision of multimodal system linkages and safe, dependable access to and from Wisconsin communities. These connections are important for the movement of goods and services within the state and other market areas outside Wisconsin. Corridors 2030 helps create a positive safe and traveling environment allowing business, industry, agriculture, and tourism to expand.

Case study

WisDOT evaluated Wisconsin manufacturing plant locations where plant creation and/or expansion occurred between the years 1990 to 2001. The results reveal that new and expanded industrial plants create over 80,000 jobs. 90% of the jobs are located within 4 miles of a Corridors 2030 Backbone or Connector corridor, illustrating the network's importance.

For more information about Corridors 2030, or WisDOT's long-range multimodal transportation plan, Connections 2030, contact John Nordbo.

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