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2014 airport award information/bid results

Bid tabulations are held confidential and are not published until an award has been made. If all bids are rejected, no bid tabulation will be published. In addition, individual bids that were determined to be irregular, unit prices for those rejected bids will also not be provided.

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# Airport name Project Description Award date Award amount Contractor
1 Dane County Regional Airport SAP-89 Construct parking ramp vertical expansion January 27, 2014 $18,922,873.10 Miron Construction
Lakeland Airport\Noble F. Lee Memorial Airport AIP-14 Construct metal storage building January 30, 2014 $465,990.00 Urban Construction
3 Austin Straubel International Airport SAP-78 Construct general aviation apron February 25, 2014 $865,043.59 Peter's Concrete Company
4 Price County Airport AIP-12 Aviation fuel system upgrade March 21, 2014 $178,641.44 Northwest Petroleum Service
5 Burnett County Airport AIP-07 Aviation fuel system March 24, 2014 $293,669.60 Northwest Petroleum Service
6 J. Douglas Bake - Oconto AIP-12 Reconstruct apron and auto parking lot March 25, 2014 $366,330.71 Vinton Construction
7 Various airports SAP-95 Statewide sealcoat program March 25, 2014 $295,215.69 Struck & Irwin Paving, Inc.
8 Platteville Municipal Airport AIP-11 Construct area development March 28, 2014 $490,628.20 Meise Construction, Inc.
9 Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport SAP-71 Terminal building interior renovation April 1, 2014 $831,619.33 Howard Immel, Inc.
10 Wittman Regional Airport AIP-33 Apron repairs April 24, 2014 $519,712.20 Vinton Construction
11 Shawano Municipal Airport AIP-06 Aviation fuel system improvements April 24, 2014 $231,143.00 Interstate Pump & Tank
12 Bloyer Field SAP-55 Reconstruct taxiway B and apron April 24, 2014 $205,638.50 Mathy Construction Co.
13 Clintonville Municipal Airport AIP-07 Reconstruct runway 4/22 April 24, 2014 $958,518.00 Northeast Asphalt, Inc.
14 Various Airports Federal Statewide sealcoat program April 28, 2014 $378,534.01 Struck & Irwin Paving, Inc.
15 West Bend Municipal Airport AIP-17 Demolition of building April 28, 2014 $31,885.00 Guelig Waste & Demolition, LLC
16 Merrill Municipal Airport AIP-07 Construct new GA terminal building May 2, 2014 All bids rejected N/A
17 Dane County Regional Airport AIP-49 Construct low visibility electrical May 2, 2014 All bids rejected N/A
18 Fond du Lac County Airport AIP-11 Reconstruction of taxiways May 28, 2014 $1,056,142.55 R & R Wash
19 Tri-County Regional Airport AIP-08 Reconstruct parking lot and taxiway A May 28, 2014 All bids rejected N/A
20 Merrill Municipal Airport AIP-09 Construct GA terminal building June 6, 2014 $378,500.00 Decker Lumber & Supply
21 Various AWOS Statewide AWOS installation June 6, 2014 $384,588.00 VAISALA, Inc.
22 Dane County Regional Airport AIP-50 Construct taxiway N/A All bids rejected N/A
23 Dane County Regional Airport AIP-49 Construct low visibility electrical June 17, 2014 $7,577,687.12 Trieweiler Construction
24 Baraboo-Wisconsin Dells Airport AIP-10 Reconstruct hangar taxilane June 20, 2014 $265,313.77 DL Gasser Construction
25 Dane County Regional airport AIP-50 Construct south ramp taxiway July 8, 2014 $5,114,873.96 Speedway Sand & Gravel, Inc.
26 Palmyra Municipal Airport AIP-08 Construction of hangar 7 taxiway July 14, 2014 $682,647.70 Gilbank Construction
27 Austin Straubel International Airport AIP-45 C3 Snow plow/broom vehicle July 21, 2014 $608,298.00 MB Companies, Inc.
28 Tri-County Regional Airport AIP-08 Construct parking lot & taxiway July 22, 2014 $272,064.50 Meise Construction, Inc.
29 La Crosse Regional Airport AIP-37 Terminal building rehab July 23, 2014 All bids rejected NA
30 Various Statewide Pavement marking program July 25, 2014 $50,818.64 Crowley Construction
31 Tomahawk Regional Airport AIP-11 Reconstruct taxiways, entrance road, and parking lot July 25, 2014 $671,119.32 S & N, Inc.
32 Austin Straubel International Airport AIP-45 C3 Terminal building and ramp reconstruction July 25, 2014 $2,866,575.17 SMA Construction Services
33 Outagamie County Regional Airport AIP-48 South GA apron expansion and perimeter road August 12, 2014 $2,173,444.95 Michels Corporation

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