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Proposal documents

Updates of these templates will be ongoing, you should always make sure to refresh this page (click the "refresh" button), download the shell from the Internet just prior to preparation of the Bid Proposal.

Use the following documents in bid proposals.

The documents below are in Microsoft Word MS Word format unless listed otherwise.

Preparation instructions

Proposal documents Revision date Bound into the proposal
Bid Advertisement (pink) May 14, 2014 No - Insert loose inside front cover
Advisory Notice to Bidders (pink) May 14, 2014 No - Insert loose inside front cover
Prequalification  (short form)
Statement of Bidder's Qualification And Experience and Information and Standards (pink)
February 24, 2015 No - Insert loose inside front cover for smaller airport projects where the Bureau's short form prequalification is allowed
Prequalification for aviation fueling systems February 24, 2015 No - insert loose inside front cover for all aviation fuel system installation projects
Fuel System Proposal (canary) June 10, 2013 Yes - Canary proposal page
Request to Bid Current Workload (pink) October 22, 2013 No - Insert loose inside front cover
ECIP Erosion Control Implementation Plan  Worksheet (pink) October 22, 2013 No - Insert loose inside front cover on all projects with EC pay items
SPCD Safety Plan Compliance Document (pink) October 22, 2013 No - Insert loose inside front cover
Sticker "SEALED BID" sticker (white) March 15, 1996 No - Insert loose inside front cover
Proposal form (canary) October 25, 2013 Yes - Segment I
Table of Contents (white) June 2, 2014 Yes - Segment I
Proposal Requirements and Conditions (white) October 25, 2013 Yes - Segment I
Bid Bond (white) October 25, 2013 Yes - Segment I
Certificate of Annual Bid Bond (white) October 25, 2013 Yes - Segment I
Subcontractors List of Subcontractors (white) October  25, 2013 Yes - Segment I
Buy American Certification - Civil & Equipment July 15, 2014 Yes- Segment I - On Civil Construction & Equipment Projects Note: This only applies to federally funded projects.
Buy American Certificate – Architectural July 15, 2014 Yes – Segment I – On Architectural Projects Only Note: This only applies to federally funded projects.
State Requirements (white) May 14, 2014 Yes - Segment I
Fed Requirements (white) June 4, 2014 Yes - Segment I on federally funded projects only
Conditions of the Contract (white) No - These are included by reference in the Standard Spec Book
Standard Specifications (white)   No - These are included by reference in the Standard Spec Book
Special Provisions (white) April 6, 2015 Yes - Segment II
Supplemental Specifications (white) July 11, 2000 Yes - Segment III, but include only those that are applicable to the work
Federal wage - pages 1-3  April 10, 2015 Yes - Segment IV, if federally funded
State Wage Rates / (white) February 14, 1997 Yes - Segment IV
Debarred Contractors
  • Department of Workforce Development list
  • Department of Transportation list
  • Federal agency debarment list
  • Schedule of Prices Total/Subtotal page (white) October 2, 2007 Yes - Segment V
    Addenda (white) October 25, 2013 No - The bidders will attach the addenda to the inside of back cover of their proposal

    Instructions for proposal documents


    These guidelines and templates (shells) are offered on the Internet as an aid to preparing and organizing the formal bid documents hereinafter referred to as the Proposal.

    The intent of these guidelines is to standardize the content, color, order, and appearance of a Bureau of Aeronautics' bid proposal. The purposes of standardizing the Proposal are to reduce bidder confusion and errors; to reduce the time and cost to prepare the Proposal; and to reduce consultant errors and omissions. These instructions are not intended to provide technical or design information needed to develop and produce specific project specifications.

    An electronic file of each Proposal form is set up on the Internet. We believe that utilization of the template hereinafter called "shells" is an extremely efficient technique for producing clear, concise, complete, and correct bid proposals. The shells were prepared using Microsoft Word with form fields. To enter information in the "fields", F11 takes you ahead and shift+F11 takes you back. The specifier shall use the shells as a basis for the Proposal. Each shell includes standard clauses and data applicable to each element of the Proposal. The specifier downloads the shells and completes the fields as prompted. Hopefully the printed hard copy’s appearance mirrors a standard Bureau bidding document. If not, rearrange as necessary. Appearance is important as we want the bidders to recognize each document as a Bureau standard. Neither the Bureau or the bidders want altered or missing clauses.

    Construction documents are defined as all of the written and graphic documents prepared or assembled by the engineer or Bureau for communicating the design and administrating the construction contract. The bound Proposal is divided into five segments, however it does not include all of the project construction documents as indicated in the following table:

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    Listed here are instructions for the proposal documents.

    The following document(s) are in Adobe PDF PDF format.

    If you have any questions, please contact the project manager with which you are working, or email Thomas DeWinter, thomas.dewinter@dot.wi.gov.

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