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Engineering and related services registration process for consultant firms

License and certification | Submit and update DT1538 | Complete financial report | Acquire manuals and guides | Registration approval | Consultant extranet

Consultants seeking construction and design engineering services contracts (including value engineering) on Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) administered projects must register with the Department.

Firms only looking to subcontract on Department projects or performing the following types of work are not required to register. Those firms may need to complete the Consultant Financial Report, however, for the purposes of establishing an indirect cost rate.

  • Surveying
  • Environmental/hazardous materials work
  • Landscape architecture
  • Historic preservation
  • Planning studies for all modes of travel

Information on airport engineering services is available on another web page.

To be registered with WisDOT and be listed on the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants, firms must:

  • Be licensed and hold a current Certificate of Authorization to practice professional engineering in the State of Wisconsin (per. s.s. 443.08).
  • Submit the Consultant Report, Form DT1538 biennially.
  • Submit Consultant Financial Report annually within five months after the end of the firm's fiscal year end.
  • Certify ownership or access to department manuals, standards and guidelines.

Instructions for each of these requirements are listed below:

License and certification

Firms must be licensed and hold a current Certificate of Authorization to practice professional engineering in the state of Wisconsin (per. s.s. 443.08). PE license numbers are not accepted in lieu of the credential.

Corporations not holding a current Certificate of Authorization should contact:

Safety and Professional Services
Wisconsin Bureau of Business and Design Professions
P.O. Box 8935
Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8935
Phone: (608) 266-5511

Submit and update DT1538

The biennial renewal process for eligible firms begins in December 2013 and the Consultant Report Form DT1538 is due by February 28, 2016 to the WisDOT Contract Administration Unit. Please note that PDF versions of the form will not be accepted.

Firms missing the renewal deadline may return to the Roster at any time by submitting an updated Form DT1538. The Consultant Financial Report is not due with the DT1538 during the biennial renewal process.

The biennial renewal deadline does not apply to firms not on the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants. Those firms may register with the Department at any time by submitting the DT1538 form and the Consultant Financial Report.

Submittal instructions are included at the end of the form. The instruction pages should be deleted before submitting the form.

  • Include all contact, office, resume and project example information appropriate for the upcoming biennium

  • The name of your submitted DT1538 MS Word file must include the last two digits of the year from the firm name (ex: FIRM12.doc for a DT1538 submitted in 2012)

Firms must re-submit the DT1538 form during the biennium if they change their contact/address information, general firm email or staff resumes. Please list the changes in your email message when submitting updated information.

Information from the DT1538 builds the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants published on this website. To change the information listed on the Roster, re-submit the form to consultant.services@dot.wi.gov.

The firm email address provided on DT1538 is used for general communications and special notifications. To be regularly notified of website updates, sign up for the Web publication notification list.

The general and Web notification email addresses may be the same or different, but only one of each per firm is maintained. Both addresses may receive an email message from WisDOT when significant publications or changes in policy occur.

Please note that DT1538 forms submitted in PDF format will not be accepted. They must be submitted as a Word documents.

Complete financial report

Firms on the Roster must annually submit a Consultant Financial Report within five months after the end of their fiscal year.

Firms seeking inclusion on the Roster for the first time must submit a current Consultant Financial Report as well as the Form DT1538. If your firm is already on the Roster, do not submit the DT1538 form with the financial report.

Firms not currently on the Roster but that may have provided the Consultant Financial Report for the most recently completed fiscal year should contact the Chief of Audit and Contract Administration at (608) 266-1824 to determine if updated financial information is needed.

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Acquire manuals and guides

Firms must have access to the manuals listed below to be on the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants and are responsible for acquiring the most recent versions of the manuals.

Having access to manuals available on the Consultant extranet is equivalent to owning paper copies for the purpose of meeting this requirement.

WisDOT - Construction and Materials Manual
This manual is available on the Consultant extranet.
WisDOT - Facilities Development Manual
This manual is only available on the Consultant extranet.
WisDOT - Bridge Manual
This manual is available on the Consultant extranet.
Firms must subscribe to the updates to remain on the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants.
WisDOT - Standard Specifications for Highway and Structure Construction
This manual is available on the Consultant extranet.
WisDOT - Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (Wisconsin Supplement)
This manual is available on the WisDOT Internet.
FHWA - Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
This manual is available on the FHWA website or order from the AASHTO bookstore.
AASHTO - Roadside Design Guide
Order from the AASHTO bookstore.
AASHTO - A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets
Order from the AASHTO bookstore.

Registration approval

Firms completing the registration process will be included on the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants.

Firms currently on the Roster that submit their Form DT1538 and Consultant Financial Report before the appropriate deadlines remain eligible continuously.

New firms and firms with late submittals will receive email confirmation for both forms. WisDOT does not send a formal approval letter.

Contact Consultant Services at consultant.services@dot.wi.gov with questions regarding eligibility.

Find additional information on consultant registration in the Facilities Development Manual, Procedure 8-5-45.

Consultant extranet

Firms on the Roster should have access to the Consultant extranet to access documents, forms and on-line manuals needed to contract with WisDOT.

Firms are also required to use the ESubmit application accessible through the extranet to upload Notice of Interest forms (NOIs) for construction and design solicitations.

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