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Environmental areas - erosion control and drainage

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Legal requirements

FDM 10-1-2

FDM references

FDM 5-10-35 coordination with DOA on costal management

FDM 5-15-1 coordination with local drainage boards, floodplain zoning authority

FDM Chapter 10 erosion control and stormwater

FDM Chapter 13 drainage

FDM Chapter 20 federal and state environmental laws, policies, regulations and agreements

FDM 20-5-10 federal natural resource laws on Clean Water Act, Federal Coastal Zone Management Act

FDM 20-10-10 federal natural resource policies and regulations for controlling certain activities in waters of the United States, and guidelines for specification of disposal sites for dredged or fill material.

FDM 20-15-1 federal transportation agreements with other federal agencies and DOT/Army memorandum of understanding related to the implementation of Section 404 of the Clean Water Act.

FDM 20-20-15 state water resource statutes

FDM 20-25-1 state natural resource regulations, NR 116 Floodplain Management Program, NR 299 Water Quality Certification

FDM 20-30-1 state agency agreements, WisDOT/DNR cooperative agreement. DATCP/WisDOT cooperative agreement, Wisconsin Coastal Management program MOU


Erosion control order form WS 1074

Erosion control diary/inspection WS 1072

Erosion control implementation plan WS 1073

Erosion control D6 - guidance

Reports and Projects

Effectiveness of a hydrodynamic settling device and a stormwater filtration device in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Use of a stormwater filtration device for reducing contaminants in runoff from a parking lot in Madison, Wisconsin, 2005-07

Pollutant loadings to stormwater runoff from highways: the impact of a freeway sweeping program

Pollutant loading to stormwater runoff from highways: impact of a highway sweeping program phase II, Madison, Wisconsin

Transportation Synthesis Reports

Use of compost for erosion control: a survey of state practice      

Selecting flocculants for transportation sites

Grass swales: gauging their ability to remove pollutants from highway stormwater runoff

Use of compost for erosion control: a survey of state practice

Erosion control and drainage

County land and water conservation directory

Product acceptability list (PAL)

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