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In This Together workbook - Tips for business

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Businesses can take basic actions to not only survive, but thrive, during road construction:

  • Plan ahead as much as possible; get involved early. A year is not too far ahead to begin organizing and planning.
  • Form an alliance with other businesses in your area. Pool resources to purchase group advertising.
  • Attend WisDOT's public information meetings to increase your knowledge about the project and to express any questions or concerns.
  • Hold regular, frequent meetings with other businesses to share strategies and support. Write down your concerns and questions for discussion.
  • Hold a pre-construction meeting with the WisDOT project manager and contractor to find out how long the project will take, what to expect, i.e. dirt, mud, ground shaking, etc.

  • Meet the on-site project manager. Keep his/her telephone number in a handy place.
  • Establish a line of communication with the project manager - this is the person who coordinates directly with the contractor.
  • Stay positive! Customers do notice.


Brainstorm ideas to promote your business and creatively communicate with customers:

  • Hold events prior to construction to draw attention to the area.
  • Work with the WisDOT communications manager to plan groundbreaking activities.
  • Design a logo for all affected businesses to use during construction.
  • Hold special promotions such as free hot dogs and pop, or a one-day sign-up for a free vacation.
  • Print placemat advertisements.

  • Place advertisements in outlying newspapers.
  • Sell hard-hat lunches to go.
  • Start a delivery service during construction.
  • Work with the WisDOT communications manager to plan a ribbon cutting ceremony.

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