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PbM - Steering Group

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The Performance-based Maintenance (PbM) Steering Group was formed based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the Wisconsin County Highway Association (WCHA). The PbM Steering Group, comprised of WisDOT and WCHA representatives, will be reviewing performance-based measurements that are based on the authority to contract with counties on performance of specific tasks. Essentially, performance-based maintenance is payment for work done rather than reimbursement. The focus on performance-based measures has been occurring at federal, state and local levels. The PbM Steering Group has been coordinated to develop a model on this performance-based maintenance initiative

The PbM Steering Group charge is to provide expertise and perspective on the efforts to employ alternate reimbursement methods for county delivered services and to improve program delivery, accountability, and performance.

The PbM Steering Group is comprised of: Rory Rhinesmith (WisDOT), Dave Vieth (WisDOT), John Corbin (WisDOT), Joe Olson (WisDOT), Russ Habeck (WisDOT), Allison Bussler (Waukesha County), Ernie Winters (Winnebago County), Ron Chamberlain (La Crosse County), and Brian Field (Dodge County). In addition, members of the WCHA Executive Committee (Dan Fedderly, Bruce Stelzner, Emmer Shields and Paul Halverson) will also participate as members of the PbM Steering Group.

The PbM Steering Group will focus on:

  • Serving as the clearinghouse about concerns and opportunities that relate to employing alternative approaches for payment.
  • Promoting a strong working relationship between WisDOT and its county service providers.
  • Initiating reviews and pilot projects of various aspects of PbM identified by subgroups.
  • Assisting the work groups by discussing issues brought to it relating to the research of the subgroups.

The purpose is to work together (WisDOT, WCHA, and Wisconsin counties) to achieve common objectives surrounding the establishment of sustainability, fiscal stewardship, accountability, develop innovative best practices and alternative methods for PbM.

In an effort to accomplish these tasks and objectives, three subgroups have been formed to report back to the PbM Steering group with research and recommendations:

  • Operations - The Operations Subgroup will focus on identifying activities associated with PbM.
  • Administration - The Administration Subgroup will focus on developing data and reporting methods for PbM.
  • Evaluation - The Evaluation Subgroup will focus on developing performance measures for PbM.


Questions and comments about WisDOT’s PbM initiatives can be sent to: PbMFeedback@dot.wi.gov.

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