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Drivers and vehicles index


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    Driver license
    Vehicle/plate type

    Driver record abstracts
    Request your own driver record

Accident (See Traffic accident)
Active duty military personnel

    For mailing renewals
    Online change

    Suspension: alcohol concentration

Advertisements, misleading car

    Temporary license plates
    Title/registration service providers


Aircraft registration or exemption

    Administrative suspension
    Alcohol/drug review
    Alcohol treatment facility locator -Wisconsin

Alternative transportation options
Amateur radio license plates
Antique motorcycle license plates

Antique vehicle license plates

    Aircraft registration or exemption
    Amateur radio license plates
    Antique license plates
    Auction dealer
    Automobile license plates

    Buyer identification card
    Celebrate children license plate
    Civil Air Patrol license plates
    Collector license plates
    Collector special license plates

    Dealer license plates
    Disabled parking identification cards
    Disabled parking license plates
    Disabled veteran license plates
    Donate Life Wisconsin license plates

    Driver license
    Ducks Unlimited license plates
    Duplicate certificate of registration
    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license plates
    Endangered resources license plates

    Ex-prisoner of war license plates
    Farm trailer license plates
    Farm truck license plates
    Firefighter license plates
    Freemason license plates

    Gold Star license plates
    Golf Wisconsin license plates
    Green Bay Packers plates
    Harley Davidson license plates
    Historic military vehicle license plates

    Hobbyist license plates
    In God We Trust license plates
    Indian bands/Tribal license plates
    Lao veteran license plates
    Lions Foundation license plates

    Manufacturer license
    Marquette University license plates
    Medal of Honor license plates
    Military license plates
    Milwaukee Brewers license plates

    Motor home
    Motor vehicle retail dealer
    Motorcycle dealer license
    Oversize/overweight permits
    Personalized license plates

    Recreational vehicle trailer and recreational vehicles
    Replacement of license plate
    Representative license
    Rescue squad member license plate
    Retail dealer license

    Salesperson license
    Salvage dealer license
    Status (Processing time for DMV products)
    Substitute renewal notice
    Trout Unlimited license plates

    University license plates
    U.S. veteran motorcycle license plates
    Wholesale dealer license
    Wisconsin National Guard license plates
    Wisconsin Salutes Veterans license plates

    Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation license plates

Appointment, road test

Cab card
    Full trailer license plates
    Power unit
    Power unit weight sticker

    Activities, Motor vehicle auction

Audits, Motor carrier (See also Motor carrier audit)

    Authority, motor carrier
    Authorization, telephone

Automobile license plates
Automobile, For-hire


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Behavior report, Driver
BID cards
(Salvage buyer identification card)
Bill of sale
- MV2928 (Spanish MV2928)
Birth, Proof of date

Border agreement, 30-mile registration and fuel tax
Branding, title
Brewers license plates

     School bus endorsement (S)

Buyers, license
Buying a car, tips


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Cab card, Apportioned
Camping or pop-up trailers
Camping trailer license plates
Cancellation of license plates MV2514 (Spanish MV2514

    Ads, misleading
    Buyer's guide - "Wise Buys"
    Complaints, Dealer

    Lemon law - Wisconsin's new car lemon law
    Misleading car ads
    Odometer tampering
    Problem used car bought from a dealer
    Purchase cancellation

    "Sell it right" - Selling a vehicle
    Unlicensed car dealers
    Warranty problems
    "Wise Buys" - Car buyer's guide

    Commercial driver license
    Commercial Driver's Manual (Español)
    Endorsement types S & P

    Endorsement types T, H & N
    Fed Med card
    "H" endorsement (requirements)
    How to obtain a CDL
    Law, rule and policy changes

    Major CDL legislation
    Medical requirements
    Practice knowledge test - mobile application
    Pre-trip and road tests (Companies that will conduct tests)
    Summary of major CDL legislation

    Third party testing
    Wisconsin CDL disqualifications

Celebrate children license plate
Certificate of Registration (Duplicate)

Certificate of title
    Certificate of title
    Change name on title
    Getting a title and license plates

    Getting a title online
    Lien (How to remove a lien from your title.)
    Lost title
    New residents (How new residents apply for titles and plates.)
    Title/registration service providers

    Driver records
    Vehicle records

    Name on your Certificate of Title
    Name on your driver license
    Proof of name change
    Retail dealer license

    Charge card renewal (via Internet)
    Charge codes and points - BDS108
    Charge codes and points with Statute numbers - BDS109

Checks returned for insufficient funds
Child license plate

    Citations and convictions
    Convictions, GDL

Civil Air Patrol license plate

    Collector license plates
    Collector motorcycle license plates
    Collector special license plate

College (See University license plate)

    CDL driver license
    CDL Driver's Manual
    Driver license pre-trip and road tests (Companies that will conduct CDL tests)
    Driver license skills test - CDL

    Drivers licensed by county
    Driving schools (Also see Commercial driving schools )

    Consumer complaint investigation

Consumer protection
    Consumer complaint investigation
    Dealer complaints
    "Lemon Law"
    Misleading car ads

    Odometer tampering
    Problem with used car
    Purchase cancellation
    Selling a vehicle
    Unlicensed car dealers

     Warranty problems
    "Wise Buys" - Vehicle buyer's guide

    Contact us

    Purchase cancellation

    Citations and convictions
    GDL points and convictions
    Traffic convictions (statistics)

Courts (driver license information useful to courts)
Crash (See Traffic accidents)
Credentials, restricted registration
Credit cards (for online license plate renewal)
Customer service centers



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Damage judgment
Date of birth, Proof of

    Field investigation offices
    Industry plates

    Salesperson Manual
    Staff listing
    Unlicensed car dealers

Dealer application instructions
    Motorcycle (Dealer license plates)

Dealer License
    Auction (wholesale)
    Manufacturer, distributor or importer
    Recreational vehicle

Demerit points (Also see Frequently asked questions)
Designer license plates
Disability, driving with

Disabled license plates
     Disabled motorcycle
     Disabled parking
     Disabled veteran

Disqualification, CDL  or Wisconsin CDL disqualifications
Disqualifications, regular driver license
Distributor license (Manufacturer, distributor or importer)
Divisible load permits
, Motor carrier
DMV location look-up

Donate Life Wisconsin license plates
Donor, organ
DPPA (Driver's Privacy Protection Act)

    Condition or behavior report
    Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)
    Education (See Commercial driving schools and Commercial driving school)
    Licensed by county

    Manual - Wisconsin Motorists' Handbook
    Medical evaluation
    Medically impaired
    Non-drivers (how to find alternative transportation)
    Record - Request your own record (Also see Abstracts (driver records))

    Young driver sponsorship

Driver License
    Abbreviation code
    Abstract, request your own (Also see Abstract (Driver Record)
    Application requirements
    CDL disqualifications
    Citations and convictions

    Class D road test study guide
    Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators
    Commercial skills test - CDL
    Conviction charge codes

    Disqualifications and CDL Disqualification
    Duplicate license or ID card
    Eligibility - reinstate your driving privilege
    Employer Notification Program (CDL)

       Endorsement Types S & P
       Endorsement Types T, H & N
    Español - Información en Español de la División de Vehículos Motorizados (DMV)

    GDL points and convictions
    Graduated (GDL)
    Habitual Traffic Offender
    Interactive guide

    Instruction permit
    Knowledge exam (Written test)
    Late fee
    Law, rule and policy changes

    Legislation affecting CDL
    Manual (Motorists' Handbook)
    Obtaining a license with a suspended or revoked out-of-state license
    Obtaining a license with a valid out-of-state license

    Point system
    Probationary (Also see Teen driving)
    Probationary licenses issued
    Probationary & regular licenses issued

    Record (Request your own record)
    Reinstate a revoked or suspended license
    Reinstatement - check your eligibility online

    Revocation and suspension
    Road (skills) test, schedule
    Skills test
    School bus endorsement (S)

    Status or check your status online
    Stolen driver license
    Surrender, voluntary
    Testing offices (DMV service centers)

    Vision standards

    Commercial driving schools (Also see Commercial driving school)
    Drunk (See Administrative suspension: OWI)

    Schools, commercial schools offering driver education classes
    While intoxicated
    With a medical condition

Drugs (See Alcohol/drug review)
Drunk driving

    Dual purpose farm license plates
    Dual purpose vehicle license plates

Ducks Unlimited license plate
DUI - Drunk driving (Also see Administrative suspension: OWI)

    Certificate of Registration
    Driver license
    ID card
    Instruction permit

    License plate
    Stickers - license plate

DWI - Drunk driving (Also see Administrative suspension: OWI )


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Education, driver (See Commercial driving schools)
Electric vehicles (see low-speed vehicles)
Emergency medical technician (EMT) license plates
Emission testing
Emission testing hours and locations

Employer Notification Program
eMV Public - register and title your vehicle online
Endangered resources license plate

    Commercial driver license (CDL)
    Endorsement types S & P
    Endorsement types T, H & N
    "H" endorsement (requirements)
    School bus endorsement (S)

Enforcement (Information for law enforcement and courts)
- Información en Español de la División de Vehículos Motorizados (DMV)
Ex-Prisoner of War license plate

    Exam, Knowledge
    Exam stations

Exemption, Aircraft


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    Driver license points
    "H" endorsement
    Personalized & special design plate
    Sesquicentennial license plates

    Alcohol crash facts - traffic-related alcohol information.
    Facts and figures
    Final year crash statistics
    Final year crash statistics by county
    Motorcycle Crash Facts
    Traffic crash facts

Failure to yield/right of way
    Classes for failure to yield/right of way

    Dual purpose farm license plates
    Dual purpose vehicle license plates
    Farm service CDL
    Farm trailer license plates
    Farm truck license plates
    Heavy farm truck

Fatality, weekly report
Fed Med card

    Driver license renewal late fee
    Driver licensing fees
    Fee schedule
    License plate renewal late fee
    Refund of registration fees
    Vehicle registration fees

Financial institutions

Financial responsibility
    Driver license - Proof of insurance (SR22)

Firefighter license plates
Flood damaged vehicles
For-hire automobile license plates

    Dealer licensing forms
    Driver licensing forms and publications
    Motor carrier forms and publications
    Oversize/Overweight forms and applications
    Vehicle registration forms and publications

Fraudulent driver licenses and ID cards
Freemason license plate
Frequently asked questions (See FAQs)

Fuel tax
    Fuel tax border agreement
    Fuel tax - Record keeping information


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Gold Star license plate
Golf Wisconsin license plate

Graduated driver license
    Commercial driving schools
    Driving log
    Frequently asked questions
    Motorists' Handbook
    Parent/sponsor page
    Points and convictions
    Teens portal

Green Bay Packers license plate
Group Dynamics Course
Guard license plates (See Wisconsin National Guard license plates)
Guide, Wisconsin license plate


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