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TraCS 10 training videos for TraCS administration

TraCS 10 administrative training videos

Videos have been developed for TraCS users such as officers, office staff or supervisors issuing, reviewing, approving and transmitting documents. These are short videos on specific subjects that can be accessed and reviewed quickly. The length of each video follows the Description.

User training videos These videos are for those individuals/officers that use TraCS to complete a crash report, citation, behavior report, etc.

Administrative training videos These videos are for those individuals that review, approve, transmit and archive.



TraCS extranet site Explains the process of gaining access to the TraCS extranet - 2 min.
Office staff workflow overview Overview of the forms workflow - 1 min.
Settings field defaults How to set field defaults for your agency - 1 min.
Editing forms How to edit forms  - 2 min.
Drag and drop grouping Grouping forms in the form manager by dragging and dropping column headers - 2 min.
Sorting and formatting the forms grid How to sort and format the forms grid - 1 min.
Understanding form statuses Information on various form statuses - 3 min.
Hot keys How to use hot keys to quickly get to groups and other fields on forms - 1 min.
TAGS How to categorize forms or contacts - 2 min.

Managing citations and courts



Ordering citations from EARS Create or replenish your agency's inventory of unassigned citation numbers - 2 min.
Installing citation numbers to an individual machine Installing citations via the network - 1 min.
Bundle citations-thumb drive install Installing citations using a thumb drive (no network connectivity) - 3 min.
Exporting citation status reports How to export a citation status report and format the report in Excel - 5 min.
Using eCitation dashboard (WIJIS) Using eCitation dashboard to check on the status of queued citations - 1 min.
Understanding the DA flag field on citations Understanding the DA flag field on citations - 1 min.
Changing citation fields after issuance Which fields can be changed on a citation after issuance - 1 min.
Adding courts Adding courts to your agency  - 1 min.
Creating court schedules How to setup court schedules - 2 min.
Court blackout dates Setting up dates the court will not be in session - 2 min.

Other topics



Transmission steps Transmitting forms to the State of WI - 1 min.
Re-transmission Re-transmitting forms to the State of WI - 2 min.
Office start shift Send forms and other files to the mobile mailbox - 1 min.
End shift Using end shift to transfer forms to the office database - 1 min.
Changing non-reportable crashes to reportable Changing non-reportable crashes to reportable - 1 min.
Archiving and un-archiving How to archive and unarchive forms - 2 min.
Ad hoc queries Creating and using ad hoc queries - 3 min.
Distribution Distributing settings and table updates to agency computers - 1 min.
Resend Resending forms - 2 min.
Decoder Using the document number decoder - 2 min.

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