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TraCS 10 training videos for TraCS users

TraCS 10 user training videos

Videos have been developed for TraCS users such as officers, office staff or supervisors issuing, reviewing, approving and transmitting documents. These are short videos on specific subjects that can be accessed and reviewed quickly. The length of each video follows the Description.

User training videos These videos are for those individuals/officers that use TraCS to complete a crash report, citation, behavior report, etc.

Administrative training videos These videos are for those individuals that review, approve, transmit and archive.

Getting started



TraCS 10 login demo How to log into TraCS 10 and update users information - 1 min.
Form manager - part 1 Overview of the forms manager - 2 min.
Form manager - part 2 Explains the buttons located on the ribbon menu in the forms manager - 3 min.
Form viewer - part 1 Overview of the forms viewer - 2 min.
Form viewer - part 2  Explains the buttons located n the ribbon menu in the form viewer - 1 min.
Using and arranging quick add menu How to use and arrange the buttons on the quick add menu - 2 min.
Drag and drop grouping Grouping forms in the form manager by dragging and dropping column headers - 2 min.
Adding and endshifting forms How to add a new form, import information from a previous form and endshift forms - 6 min.
Setting defaults for individual users How to set the field default values for an individual user - 2 min.
Hot keys How to use hot keys to get to groups or other fields on forms quickly - 1 min.
Night time mode How to turn on night time mode - 1 min.
Accessing Badger TraCS online How to access the Badger TraCS website through TraCS 10 and add it to your favorite sites  - 2 min.

Forms, tools and searching



Incident location tool How to start and use the incident location tool - 3 min.
Diagram tool How to create a diagram and describes the new features in the TraCS 10 diagramming tool - 8 min.
Using NTC for parking ticket How to write a parking ticket using the NTC form - 1 min.
Contact summary form Explains when and how to use the contact summary form - 3 min.
Selecting a court date How to select a court date from the court schedule - 1 min.
Importing violations into alcohol form How to add the violations from an ELCI into the alcohol form - 1 min.
Violation search How to access and use the violation search for statute and ordinance numbers - 2 min.
External search How to use the external search feature in TraCS 10 - 2 min.
Custom search How to create and save a custom search in the form manager - 2 min.

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