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Diabetes and vision waivers for a commercial driver license to drive intrastate commerce in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) offers two waivers to drivers who wish to obtain a commercial driver license (CDL) but do not meet federal medical standards due to insulin-dependent diabetes or vision impairment.

To apply for an insulin-dependent diabetes waiver or a vision impairment waiver, you must describe the:

  • type of vehicle you intend to drive (i.e. straight truck, tractor/ trailer combination, tank, etc.);
  • type of driving you intend to do (i.e. long-distance transport, local transport, etc.);
  • type of cargo you will transport;
  • number of hours and miles you will drive, listed by daytime and nighttime operation;
  • modifications made to the vehicle you intend to drive.

Diabetes waiver

A person who has insulin-dependent diabetes may apply for a diabetes waiver.

To qualify for the diabetes waiver, a driver is required to submit two separate Medical Examination Report Form MV3644 completed by two different physicians (MD or DO), Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber (APNP) or Physician Assistant (PA-C). The information on the Medical Examination Report forms must indicate that the driverís diabetes is not likely to cause a loss of ability to operate or control a commercial motor vehicle and must be based on examinations conducted within 90 days immediately prior to applying for the waiver.

Vision waiver

A person who has less than 20/40 visual acuity in each eye or less than 70-degree visual field from the center of each eye may apply for a vision waiver. To qualify for a vision waiver, the driver is required to submit a Certificate of Vision Examination by Competent Authority Form MV3030V based on an examination conducted within 90 days immediately prior to applying for the waiver.

The Certificate of Vision Examination by Competent Authority Form MV3030V must state the driver:

  • does not have a progressive eye disease;
  • has vision in the best eye, corrected or uncorrected, of at least 20/40 (Snellen);
  • has a minimum of 70-degree visual field from center of at least one eye;
  • has vision that is not likely to cause a loss of ability to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV).

A driving evaluation and/or more frequent medical or vision follow-up by the Wisconsin DOT may also be required. Once approved, the driver license will have the following restrictions:

  • No CMV operation in interstate commerce;
  • No CMV operation in intrastate commerce unless exempt by state or federal law;
  • Valid Wisconsin waiver on file.

WisDOT will send a letter approving the waiver to the driver with instructions that it be carried with them when operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle. The waiver will expire no later than 2 years and 3 months from the date of the latest examination.

The appropriate renewal forms will be sent to the driver at the time of renewal. If the completed forms are not returned within the required time period, the waiver will expire.

A driver is not eligible for a Wisconsin waiver under Chapter Trans 327 if the driver had any moving violations or reportable at-fault traffic crashes while operating any motor vehicle in the three-year period prior to the date of application.

A waiver can be cancelled due to non-compliance with applicable reporting requirements, a change in medical condition or driving history.

Chapter Trans 327 diabetes and vision waivers do not apply to grandfathered commercial drivers, school bus or passenger endorsement operators.

You may download and print a Diabetes and Vision Waivers brochure with this information.

If you have questions about these waivers or medical issues affecting your driver license, please contact:

Wisconsin DOT
Division of Motor Vehicles
Medical Review Unit
P.O. Box 7918
Madison WI 53707-7918
Email: dmvmedical@dot.wi.gov
Telephone: (608) 266-2327
Fax: (608) 267-0518

Questions? Contact us: Wisconsin DMV email service
Call: (608) 266-2327 or (608) 267-7784
FAX: (608) 267-0518

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