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Driver license renewal

A renewal notice is mailed to the last known address on your driver record 45 to 60 days prior to your birthday in the year your driver license expires. The renewal notice will inform you of the general requirements to renew your driver license.

A regular driver license may be renewed up to one year prior to the expiration date. A probationary driver license can be renewed 90 days prior to the expiration date.

Vision test options

  • The examiner at the DMV service center will give you a free vision screening test.
  • If you prefer, you may have the vision screening done at your expense by a vision specialist and recorded on form MV3030V. Present the completed form MV3030V with your application for renewal. Your vision screening must be done within 90 days prior to your application for renewal.

To renew your driver license

Additional requirements

The Wisconsin DMV is issuing driver licenses and ID cards that meet new federal REAL ID requirements. While all Wisconsin licenses and ID cards are valid for federal uses for the next few years, at some point before your next renewal, a REAL ID license or ID card will be required for identification at airports and federal buildings.

The cost to renew your existing ID card or get a REAL ID compliant card will be the same.

If you will be renewing and want a REAL ID compliant driver license, you must also provide proof of:

Note: If you are a current Wisconsin resident who has never changed your name, you can get a REAL ID license by bringing a certified U.S. birth certificate, a Wisconsin driver license with current address and a Social Security card.

Applications and documents will be electronically scanned and securely stored to meet federal requirements and to detect and deter identity theft and fraud.

If you will be renewing your license and donít want a federally compliant REAL ID driver license:

You can renew just as you have done in the past. The DMV will continue to issue non REAL ID compliant licenses that are valid to operate a motor vehicle. You will need to provide proof of:

Driver licenses and ID cards are mailed

WisDOT began "central issuance" of all driver licenses and ID cards in the spring of 2012. All products are mailed from one production facility. Customers leave the DMV Service Center with a paper receipt that is valid for 45 days. The receipt, including your photo, is acceptable photo identification for voting and serves as your license or ID until your card arrives in the mail.

Please note that the receipt is not acceptable as proof of identity for a Social Security Number replacement card. If you want to request a Social Security Number replacement card, please wait for your license or ID card to arrive in the mail before visiting a Social Security office.

Veteran Identifier

Beginning December 1, 2013, your Wisconsin Driver License may now include a Veteran Identifier if you are registered with the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA). For more information or to register with WDVA, visit www.WisVets.com/Plates#V, your county Veterans Service Organization or call 1-800-WIS-VETS.

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