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Course summary

A licensed driver school may not offer courses in driver education specified in WI Stat 343.06 without first obtaining the department's approval which shall be evidenced by an endorsement on the license certificate. The endorsement shall specify whether the licensee is authorized to provide classroom instruction or behind-the-wheel instruction, or both to persons under age 18.

Driving schools are required to submit a course summary/outline (suggest no more than two pages) for each course offered (classroom, behind-the-wheel, 10 hour refresher, and/or 40 hour instructor).

Send only the course summary to the department with the driver training school application and keep the lesson plans on file at the school office. Each summary shall specify a minimum of one main topic or more for each hour of instruction. To be approved, all required topics as indicated below must be included in the summary for classroom and/or behind-the-wheel instruction.

The classroom course is only required for students under 18 years of age.

The course summary shall specify a minimum of one main topic or more for each hour.

Classroom course must include, but is not limited to the following:

  • responsibility of vehicle operation
  • vehicle mechanical/control features
  • vehicle ownership responsibilities
  • environmental dynamics
  • pre-driving skills/maneuvers
  • city driving
  • freeway driving
  • rural driving
  • hazards of farm animals and machinery
  • hazards of railroad crossings
  • psychophysical aspects (alcohol, mood, health, etc)
  • organ and tissue donation
  • traffic citizenship and highway safety progress
  • awareness of motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians
  • Move-Over Law
  • hazards of text messaging and provisions of s. 346.89(3)

The behind-the-wheel course summary must indicate the number of driving hours/observation hours (6/6, 7/4, 8/2, 9/0). The behind-the-wheel course shall cover, but is not limited to the following:

  • introduction to the automobile
  • left and right turns
  • backing and y-turns
  • parking
  • city driving
  • rural driving (including multiple lanes and freeways, if possible)
  • hazards of farm animals and machinery
  • hazards of railroad crossings

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