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Personalized and special license plates

Act 103 law changes for collector/hobbyist/historic military vehicle registration

  • Collector plate eligibility requirements have changed. Starting March 1, 2014, any vehicle 20 years or older, that has no modifications or alterations to the body of the vehicle and is being preserved for historical interest, now qualifies for a collector plate.
  • Historic military vehicle plates can now be used for "occasional personal use," which previously wasn’t allowed.
  • Vehicle titles with "HMV eligible only"  brands may now qualify for other registration options and can mail their title in to have the brand removed.
  • Previous vehicles registered with hobbyist plates, that now may qualify for collector plates, may re-apply for collector plates by submitting an application and all required fees to receive collector plates and have the "street modified" brand removed from the title.
  • U.S. ex-military or government surplus vehicles of any age may qualify for annual renewal options.
  • U.S. or imported ex-military or government surplus vehicles 20 years and older may also qualify for collector and hobbyist*.
  • Imported ex-military or government surplus older than 25 years may qualify for annual renewal, collector, hobbyist or HMV plates*· 
  • U.S. or import older than model year 1945 may qualify for antique.

*other eligibility requirements may be required

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