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Sesquicentennial license plate - frequently asked questions

Sesquicentennial license plate

Sesquicentennial license plates are no longer available.

My sesquicentennial plates are in bad shape (or they have been lost or stolen). Can I get some new ones?

Sesquicentennial license plates are being retired, and all remaining sesquicentennial license plates will be replaced with standard black letter license plates. Beginning in summer 2013, all Sesquicentennial license plates will be replaced at renewal, and all Sesquicentennial license plates are expected to be replaced by the end of 2014. If your current Sesquicentennial license plates need to be replaced prior to when the plates expire, you can complete form MV2118 - Duplicate/Replacement License Plates and Validation Stickers Application and your plates will be replaced free of charge. You can renew your plates up to 6 months in advance, so you can include the renewal fee if it is within that time frame.

I have personalized sesquicentennial license plates and want the same message on a different style plate. What do I need to do?

Plate messages can no longer be duplicated, so if the plate message currently exists under a different plate type, you may not have that message on a new plate when Sesquicentennial License Plates are replaced. You may check for available personalized plate message at the personalized plate lookup.

If the message is available:
Since you only get credit from the registration portion of the fee, it is best to change at renewal time. Prepare a statement requesting the change or complete a special plates application form for the new plate type. Send the statement or form along with a copy of your Certificate of Registration and $15 personalized plate fee, registration fee (if the plates are close to expiration) and any other special plate fees due (e.g., for Packer or Endangered Resources plates).

I have personalized sesquicentennial plates and just want to get regular non-personalized plates. What do I need to do?

Send a note to that effect or a completed form MV2118 - Duplicate/Replacement License Plates and Validation Stickers Application requesting regular plates. If you mail the request to the address on the MV2118 form, we will not charge the $4 replacement plate fee. Send the registration fee less $15 if it is time to renew your plates.

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