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Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) graphic identity standards

Every day WisDOT presents itself to the public. To create a clear, consistent and readily-identifiable image, it is important that WisDOT unifies the way it is represented in all its communication media.

Before using the WisDOT logo, review the WisDOT graphic identity standards that detail how the logo may be used in various kinds of publications.

WisDOT agency name logo

The WisDOT agency name logo is to be used when representing the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, unless the mill mark logo is indicated for small size or the WisDOT name is needed in close proximity to the logo.

Download the WisDOT agency name logo

Refer to your software’s help to determine which file format you need. (Microsoft office users most likely will not be able to open the eps format. The eps format is for use by graphic layout and illustration applications.)

WisDOT logo - black


WisDOT logo - blue


WisDOT logo - blue and red

Red and blue

White reverse on dark background

The WisDOT agency name logo is also available in white for use in reverse on dark backgrounds.

Screen as gray or blue

The WisDOT agency name logo is also available in a screen of gray or blue.

WisDOT mill mark logo

The WisDOT mill mark logo is to be used when there is need for a WisDOT logo size smaller than .5 inch in diameter.

Contact either WisDOT Office of Public Affairs or WisDOT Creative Communications for more information or to obtain graphic files.

Other file formats

  • Digital WisDOT logo files are available in graphic file formats for use in print and the Web and in formats compatible with most software.
  • If the above file formats are not compatible for your specific need, contact either WisDOT Office of Public Affairs or WisDOT Creative Communications.
  • Please supply the brand, name and version number of the software (that the logo file will be placed or inserted) and the file format needed (if known).
  • Refer to your software’s technical manual if you are unsure of your exact file needs.

Contact information:

WisDOT Office of Public Affairs
Peg Schmitt, OPA director

WisDOT Creative Communication Services
Mary Kirkpatrick, Graphic Design

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