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Adopt-A-Highway - Program tour, How can you apply?

Adopt-A-Highway volunteers cleaning up a roadside.

Groups interested in adopting a highway need to identify a segment of road they would like to adopt. Segments two miles in length are preferred. Your group will be expected to clean both sides of the roadway at least three times between April 1 and November 1.

Once the beginning and end of your proposed segment has been identified using specific landmarks, road intersections, or mileage, contact the appropriate Adopt-A-Highway coordinator for your region. The coordinator will let you know if the segment you are interested in is available for adoption.

Once your roadway segment is confirmed, fill out an application form and send it to the Adopt-A-Highway Regional Coordinator responsible for the roadway you are interested in.

Adopt-A-Highway segments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if all available highway segments are already reserved or if the amount of applications received exceeds available funding for signs and supplies, your group may be placed on a waiting list.

When WisDOT approves your application and returns it to you, your group will have an assigned segment in the Adopt-A-Highway litter control program.

In addition to the permit to work on the highway rights of way, you will receive further instruction and supplies, including safety vests and trash bags. No fees will be charged to groups accepted into the Adopt-a-Highway program.

Approved permits are effective indefinitely or until the department receives a "Notice of Abandonment" from your group. This notice tells the department your group has decided to cease its clean up activities. That segment will then be made available to others wishing to Adopt-A-Highway.

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