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General Transportation Aids

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The General Transportation Aids (GTA) program enables local governments to receive state aid payments to offset the cost of county and municipal road construction, maintenance, and traffic operations. The funding sources of these aid payments are the fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees collected by the state. GTA is WisDOT’s second largest program.

In order to calculate and distribute aid payments, it is necessary to factor the amount that each local government spent on the roads and streets under its jurisdiction during each Calendar Year (CY). The amount each local government spent is taken directly from the Municipal Financial Report that each local government files annually with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Aid payment schedules:

  • Cities, Villages and Towns receive 4 payments annually:
    • the first Monday of January (25%), April (25%), July (25%), and October (25%)
  • Counties receive 3 payments annually:
    • the first Monday of January (25%), July (50%), and October (25%)

Aid payment options:

  1. Paper check
  2. ACH (automated clearinghouse to your local government account)
  3. ACH-INV (automated clearinghouse to your State Investment Pool account)


Please contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, attention Sue Nelson at (608) 266-8618, or sue.nelson@revenue.wi.gov, or FAX (608) 264-6887 to select or modify the payment option that best suits the needs of your local government. To change banking information, the Department of Revenue requires that you submit a Request for Direct Deposit form signed by the necessary persons.

On this web page, you will find recent payment totals, summary reports and informational pieces. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Anna Kraft at (608) 264-8425, or anna.kraft@dot.wi.gov

CVT List

The spreadsheet below provides a listing of the unique, five-digit CVT code for each town, village, city and county in Wisconsin.

Calendar Year 2014 Totals by Year and by Quarterly Payments

Calendar Year 2014 Detailed Calculation Sheets

Calendar Year 2014 – GTA Payment Reductions

The following report identifies the local governments that were not able to submit a complete and accurate annual Financial Report by the appropriate due date or filing extension deadline. Per s. 86.303(5)(e), Wis. Stats., the amount each local government receives for the year following a late submittal shall be reduced. The following report is a summary of the calculated reductions for CY 2014.

Previous Calendar Year Payments and Six Year Cost History

The following documents list the final GTA payments for each town, village, city, and county from 2007-2013:

Transportation Cost Data

GTA funds are distributed to all Wisconsin counties, cities, villages and towns based on a six-year spending average or a statutorily set rate-per-mile. Transportation cost data is annually provided to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue in a Financial Report Form.

The Cost Reporting Manual defines the eligible expenses and revenues used to calculate GTA payments. A fact sheet is included at the end of the manual identifying formulas and calculations for administration of GTA.

GTA Calculation

The document below provides a general description of the calculation process along with defining the data inputs used in the calculation.

General Transportation Aids Brochure

The General Transportation Aids (GTA) brochure (584 KB) is available electronically, with limited quantities available in hard copy. The brochure discusses the importance of the program to local governments, how funds are distributed and describes the local role in transportation investments. To request a hardcopy color brochure, please contact your local governmental association or send an email to the GTA program manager.

Interim GTA program manager: Anna Kraft, anna.kraft@dot.wi.gov, (608) 264-8425

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