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WIS 26 - Need/purpose

Why is this project needed?

  • To improve the condition of the pavement and provide a safer overall roadway corridor.
  • The existing pavement along this portion of WIS 26 is deteriorating, can no longer be maintained, and is nearing the end of its service life.

Project benefits/anticipated outcomes

  • The proposed projects will prolong the life of the roadway and increase safety along WIS 26.

Proposed improvements outside the village of Rosendale

  • Pulverizing the existing pavement and resurfacing
  • Adding centerline and shoulder rumble strips
  • Flattening roadway side slopes
  • Culvert pipe repairs and replacements
  • Beam guard replacements

  • Re-grading ditches
  • Spot intersection improvements
  • Right turn lanes may be added or extended at some intersections to improve roadway operations and safety
  • Isolated areas of roadway reconstruction may be required to remove frost heaves in the roadbed or flatten hills to improve sight distances
  • One of the proposed roadway reconstruction and realignment areas is the curve near the Willow Creek Road intersection

Proposed improvements within the village of Rosendale

  • Pavement is proposed to be milled and resurfaced
  • Spot improvements to sidewalk and curb ramps to comply with current Americans with Disabilities Act requirements

Real estate acquisition

  • Right of way and easements will be required for this project for re-grading ditches, beam guard improvements and intersection realignment and improvement in the rural areas
  • Additionally, WIS 26 near the Willow Creek Rd. intersection is proposed to be realigned, which will require further right of way needs

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