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US 53 Corridor Preservation Study
Haugen Area
Haugen, Barron County

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View NW, US 53 Corridor Preservation Study - Haugen Area project location.
Map key - Thick orange line is the project overview/location. Blue tear drop with dot in center is the project limit.

Project location

US 53, 26th Avenue to 30th Avenue, near Haugen, in Barron County.

Project overview

While this segment of US 53 is operating within its designed capacity limits, increasing traffic and development are creating operational and safety issues on the corridor. Most of the problem areas are located at higher volume intersections with stop signs.

One solution is to eliminate and selectively replace the at-grade intersections with one strategically located grade separated intersections.

It may also include improvements such as the construction of over/under passes and cul-de-sacs and developing a local transportation network to safely balance the access and mobility needs of the area.

A completed Corridor Preservation study will provide a blue-print so local development can be planned and implemented in harmony with the operational demands of the highway.

The study may officially map and preserve the future right of way footprint necessary to construct the improvements that would be needed at select locations.


Study - Improvements are officially mapped.

The interchange at County V was completed in 2013.

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