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US 51, Stoughton Rd. Corridor Study - Completed improvements

Since the completion of the Needs Assessment (NA), the following improvements have been made in the corridor:


  • Installed traffic signal lights at the I-39 northbound off ramp to US 51 southbound.
  • Dutch Mill Park and Ride expansion is under construction and will expand the parking area, including the addition of an overnight parking lot.


  • Bartillon Dr. - WisDOT connected Portage Rd. to US 51 via Kinsman Blvd.


  • Reconstructed the Hoepker Rd. intersection, adding traffic signals and extending turn lanes.


  • Added a third left-turn lane from the eastbound Beltline (US 12/18) to northbound Stoughton Rd. (US 51) and added an additional left-turn lane from westbound Beltline (US 12/18) to southbound Stoughton Rd. (US 51).
  • Constructed an auxiliary lane on southbound US 51 between Cottage Grove Rd. and Buckeye Rd.


  • Completed a project to improve signal timing on Stoughton Rd. (US 51). The following signal pairs were worked on:
    • Kinsman Blvd. and Anderson St.
    • Lexington/Commercial and WIS 30
    • Buckeye Rd. and Pflaum Rd.


  • Isthmus/East Rail bike path - City of Madison extended the Isthmus/East Rail Bike Path to Buckeye Rd. Eventually, this path will be extended to connect with the Glacial Drumlin Trail in the village of Cottage Grove.
  • East Washington Ave. intersection - Some minor capacity improvements and enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities resulted from the WisDOT and city of Madison project.
  • Marsh View/East Branch Creek bike path - City of Madison started planning a bike path from Commercial Ave. south under WIS 30 to the Madison Corporate Center. The section between Blettner Boulevard to Corporate Dr. was constructed.
  • Marsh Rd. overpass - In response to increasing development, WisDOT constructed an overpass of the US 12/18 (Beltline ) to connect Marsh Rd. and Agriculture Dr. This provides an alternative access to the developments between Stoughton Rd. and I-39/90/94. It also provides safe bicycle and pedestrian access across the Beltline from the south. Construction of the overpass began in 2004 and was completed in late June 2005.
  • Stoughton Rd. (US 51) bicycle and pedestrian access project - WisDOT constructed sidewalk and bicycle lane accommodations on Stoughton Rd. through the Beltline interchange from East Broadway south to Larson Beach Rd. in summer 2005.
  • Buckeye Rd./Service Rd. intersection - In response to current traffic conditions and the Dean Clinic development near the Buckeye Rd. intersection, the city of Madison added turn lanes and a signal at this intersection. Additional bicycle and pedestrian facilities on Buckeye Rd. were also included in this project.
  • Park and ride lot - Madison Metro added a park and ride lot at the North Transfer Point at 1213 Huxley St., near Aberg and Packers avenues.


  • Bartillon Dr./Orin Rd. - City of Madison removed the intersection at Orin and Stoughton roads and connected the frontage road from Anderson St. to Kinsman Boulevard. The intersection at Orin Rd. was a safety concern because of its proximity to the intersection at Anderson St. Several Madison Metro buses were rerouted to use the newly connected street and a bus stop was added near Anderson St.
  • County CV and I-39/90/94 - WisDOT replaced the pavement in this section, and further north to Reardon Rd.


  • Rieder Rd. was modified due to several fatal accidents at this intersection.
  • AA dedicated right-turn lane from northbound US 51 onto Rieder Rd. was added and left turns from Rieder Rd. onto southbound US 51 are now prohibited.

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