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US 12/14 West Beltline Modifications (University Ave.-Mineral Pt. Rd.)
Middleton-Madison, in Dane County

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Project location

US 12/14, University Ave. (Middleton) to just south of Mineral Pt. Rd. (Madison), in Dane County.

Project overview

  • The Madison Beltline provides transportation access for residents of Madison, Middleton, Fitchburg, Monona, Verona, McFarland, and other adjacent communities.
  • It is also the only continuous east-west route in the project area, and the only roadway providing east-west mobility south of Lake Monona.
  • The lack of continuous parallel routes increases the Beltline’s importance locally and is in part why it is so heavily used by local traffic.
  • In recognition of its statewide importance, the Wisconsin State Highway Plan lists the Madison Beltline, Verona Rd. Interchange to I-39/90, as a Corridors 2020 Backbone route, the highest classification for a roadway.
  • The Corridors 2020 Backbone routes are key multi-lane routes that connect major population and economic centers, and provide economic links to national and international markets.

  • The remainder of the Madison Beltline is classified as a Corridors 2020 Connector route. The Connector routes are highways that connect key communities and regional economic centers to the Corridors 2020 Backbone routes.
  • Noise barriers will be evaluated on east side of Beltline between Mineral Point and Old Sauk Roads.
  • Project cost estimated at $12 million.
  • View information on individual roadway sections
    • Terrace Ave. to Greenway Blvd.
    • Greenway Blvd. to Old Sauk Rd
    • Old Sauk Rd. to Mineral Point Rd.
    • Mineral Point Rd. to Gammon Rd.
    • Other Improvements


  • Construction scheduled to start and be completed 2014

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