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Always wear your helmet, and always wear it correctly.

Here is the correct way to wear a helmet:

Bike Helmet correct forward tilt
1.  Eyes:  Make sure your helmet is tilted forward in the front. You should see the bottom rim of your helmet when you look up.

2.  Ears:  The side straps of your helmet should form a 'V' under your ears. They should feel a little tight, but still remain comfortable.  Bike Helmet v-strap adjustment
Checking chinstrap adjustment

3.  Mouth:  Make sure your chin strap is tight by opening your mouth as wide as you can. If your helmet hugs your head, it is tight enough.

Dress correctly

Dressing correctly when biking or walking is just another way to stay safe on the road

When biking:

1. Remember, long is wrong... Don’t wear anything long that could possibly get stuck in your bike.

 Dressing correctly right

Dressing correctly wrong

2. Don't flop with your foot wear... Make sure to wear shoes that are completely attached to your foot. That means no flip flops.

Dressing correctly good footwear

Flip flop sandals

Flip flop sandals close up

3. Light up the night

When walking:


1. Wear this season's fashion... Make sure to dress according to the season and the weather. For example, you should wear a coat in winter because it is cold outside.

2. Light up the night

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