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60-second audio production transcripts

Safer In The Zone

"Distraction Crash"

Sound effects: The end of a violent crash. Then the creaks, hisses and groans of a car settling on the side of the road. Nighttime sounds. Over it all, a passenger's panicked breathing.

Voice over 1: (groans) Are you okay?

Voice over 2: Weíre upside down.

Voice over 1: Josh, youíre bleeding. Are you...

Voice over 2: Iím okay. (grunts) Can you get out?

Sound effects: Movement. Broken glass clinks, metal creaks.

Voice over 1: (a moan of pain, panting) Iím stuck. How did we...

Voice over 2: I donít know. We were in construction. It was like the lane just ended.

Voice over 1: You were going so fast...

Voice over 2: I screwed up, okay? I saw the barrels, I just didnít pay attention. (swallows a curse) I canít find my phone.

Voice over 1: Itís okay. Someone will help. (pause) Someone will come, right?

Sound effects: Car hisses, nighttime sounds.

Tag: Wisconsin D-O-T.


"Pay Attention, Hospital"

Sound effects: Machines beep quietly in a hospital room. People murmur in the hallway, a wheelchair squeaks by, doctors are paged. Over it all, someone paces across the floor.

Mom: How long did she say?

Dad: Five minutes. Sit. The doctor will be back soon.

Sound effects: Chair squeaks as she sits down.

Mom: I knew that job was too dangerous. The traffic...

Dad: Road construction means traffic, honey. It was an accident. Most drivers...

Mom: No. Nobody slows down, nobody pays attention, nobody moves over. Itís like they donít even see him. (sob) His back, his arm. What if they canít fix him?

Dad: I donít know.

Sound effects: Chair squeaks as she stands back up.

Mom: What if they canítÖ what if he canít ever...

Dad: I donít know.

Sound effects: More pacing, machines beep.

Tag: Wisconsin D-O-T.


"Tim's Story"

Voice over: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy Tim Johnson never saw the car that almost killed him.

Sound effects: Low traffic sounds, the rush of cars passing close by.

Voice over: Surrounded by orange cones and flashing lights, he was just doing his job. Drivers were supposed to move over or slow down, like the law requires. Tim was supposed to be safe. He wasn't. A car slammed into Tim, throwing the deputy 60 feet - headfirst - into a cement median.

Sound effects: A truck roars past. Low traffic sounds continue.

Voice over: Every day, crashes put law enforcement, maintenance crews and emergency workers at risk. Most happen because drivers don't pay attention. They tailgate. Eat. Talk on their phones and fiddle with their stereos. They don't slow down or move over when they see the flashing lights. They put people in harm's wayÖ and the consequences are serious. Penalties for work zone violations are high. Fines are even doubled. But it's the victims who pay the most when you don't drive safer in the zone. Just ask Tim Johnson.

Music: Serious, moving.

Tim: When we use our lights at the side of the road, use yours. Please move over or slow down when you see workers or flashing lights on the side of the road.

Voice over: Sponsored by the Wisconsin DOT.


"Five a Day"

Music: Cool, friendly

Voice over: Imagine. If the next minute was an average day in one of Wisconsin's work zones, you could expect a car crash right aboutÖ

Sound effects: Unrealistic crash

Voice over: Önow. Sound bad? Just wait. There'll be another one in 12 seconds. Because the people working on Wisconsin's roads face 5Ö

Sound effects: Unrealistic crash

Voice over: Öcrashes a day. Nearly 2,000 work zone collisions-and eleven people killed-every year. You can change that.

Sound effects: Unrealistic crash

Voice over: Driving safe in the zone is easy if you follow the law. You must slow down and move over, if you can, when you see flashing lights. Watch out...

Sound effects: Unrealistic crash

Voice over: Öfor orange signs, cones and barrels. And drop distractions like your phone, your music or your lunch. Paying attention canÖ (bracing)

Sound effects: Pause

Voice over: (relieved) Östop a crash from ever happening. You don't want to hurt anyone. So please, be safer in the zone. Sponsored by the Wisconsin DOT.

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