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RIDESHARE - Employer information, Commuter options

What commuting options should an employer consider offering?

  • Wisconsin RIDESHARE: Businesses and a Commuter Benefit Program YouTube Playing time 00:04:11
  • Online carpool and bike buddy matching with Wisconsin Rideshare - The interactive software provides commuters with potential matches with immediate email and texting contact. Bike buddies can be match together by varying experience to offer mentoring or companionship.
    • Try it yourself. Register, set your password, run a matchlist. You can choose to leave your profile available for matching or delete it.
    • Registration and Welcome pages can be personalized with a company logo and business information.
  • Emergency rides - Commuters say their number one deterrent to other modes of transportation is needing immediate transportation. Reinforce your commitment to a commuter program by assuring your employees that in an emergency, or unplanned event, that they will get the ride they need. Rideshare staff is available to help you develop a program that is swift and fair. Southeast Wisconsin employers are eligible for partial reimbursement for the costs incurred when providing an emergency ride.
  • Promote bicycle or pedestrian commuting
  • Transit options - Many local transit companies offer discounted rates to regular riders. Some provide employer participation programs that are tax deductible as an employee benefit business expense.
  • Pre-tax incentives - Federal tax provisions allow employers to contribute toward the commuting and parking costs of their employees.

  • Flexible work options - Options like telecommuting and adjustable work hours/days. Employees save on fuel costs by teleworking. Adjustable work times offer employees non-congested commuting times contributing to cleaner air.
  • Parking cash-out - This benefit pays employees to NOT park in the company lot. This saves parking facility spaces and maintenance.

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