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STOC - Components

Enhanced reference markers

Enhanced reference markers are designed to save time in identifying locations of disabled motorists to improve emergency response times to highway incidents.

Ramp meters

Ramp meters are traffic signals on freeway entrance ramps that break up clusters of vehicles entering the freeway to make merging safer.

Variable message signs

Variable message signs inform travelers about upcoming freeway conditions, display current travel times to strategic areas around the city, and may also display information about lane and ramp closures and where delays start and end.

Alternate route designations

Alternate route designations are currently used in the greater Milwaukee and Madison areas when a major incident on the interstate requires a lengthy closure or results in major delays.

Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)

HAR is a system of low-power radio transmitters licensed for state use. Signs along highways throughout Wisconsin direct travelers to dial either AM 1610, AM 1620 or AM 530, to provide short, pre-recorded messages in areas with ongoing highway construction projects and other events.

Crash investigation sites

Crash investigation sites are designated safe zones for distressed motorists to relocate to if they are involved in an incident on the freeway.

Weather displays at rest areas

Wisconsin's rest areas feature weather displays to help you plan your route when traveling in the state.

Incident clearance law

Wisconsin's incident clearance law provides safer conditions for individuals involved in collisions and improves the ability of law enforcement and other response agencies to quickly manage and clear incidents.

Planned event strategies

Impacts on the transportation system can be anticipated and appropriate traffic incident management strategies can be implemented prior to and during events to minimize traffic congestion and related problems.

Move over law

To help safeguard law enforcement officers, emergency responders, road maintenance workers, and others who work on the side of highways, Wisconsin has a "Move Over Law."

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