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TIME - WisDOT Emergency Traffic Control and Scene Management Guidelines

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WisDOT Emergency Traffic Control and Scene Management Guidelines were established to provide incident responders within the state of Wisconsin a uniform approach to emergency traffic control and scene management. Having a uniform approach will help provide the safest possible work environment for all Wisconsin incident responders, while minimizing the risk for secondary crashes.

The guidelines, originally published in 2008 were revised February 12, 2012.


  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Responder safety fundamentals
  • Scene size-up and communications
  • Traffic incident management area establishment
  • Scene breakdown and demobilization

  • Traveler information
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Helicopter emergency medical services landing zones
  • Crash investigation/reconstruction
  • Clearance/removal operations

  • Emergency alternate routes
  • Post incident debriefings

In addition to the guidelines document, a field operations guide has also been developed.

Train-the-Trainer Program

To facilitate a multi-discipline approach to training responders on the principles set forth in the Emergency Traffic Control and Scene Management Guidelines, a “train-the-trainer” approach is being utilized.

During each class, instructors will review the training presentation with attendees. This information can then be brought back to each individual’s agency as they will have the materials and knowledge necessary to train others. Each individual who attends a train-the-trainer class will be provided with a copy of the guidelines document, training presentation, field operations guide and instructor manual.

The training presentation is organized in a modular format which allows for the information to be provided in smaller amounts of time, such as at roll call.

Training sessions started fall 2012. Once scheduled, additional information will be posted and sent via email to individuals on the TIME Program distribution list.

Order materials

The guidelines document, field operations guide and train-the-trainer materials are being offered free of charge from WisDOT and can be obtained using the Guidelines materials order request.

TIME procurement list

The purpose of the TIME procurement list is to take advantage of WisDOT’s ability to procure traffic control equipment at a quantity discount. The Department’s incident response partners can thereby purchase these items at the quantity discount rate.

The list was developed to support the recommendations set forth in WisDOT’s Emergency Traffic Control and Scene Management Guidelines. Agencies that would like to purchase items from the procurement list should contact the appropriate vendor directly using the contact list in the document.

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